7 Tips on How to Throw Your Dog an EPIC Birthday Pawty!

Have you ever thrown a party for your dog? Believe it or not, 10% of Americans have and almost 30% give a present to their dog on their special day.

Throwing a party for your pup doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be all out or simple DIY. After all, it’s unlikely you’ll disappoint your dog.  Here are some tips and tricks to throwing the most epic dog Pawty.

1. Invite The Squad

First things first, make sure you create a dog-friendly guest list.  Invite your K9 and human pals being mindful of dogs that get along well with each other.  Bow Wow Chews recommends a dog themed invite from ETSY 


2. Make Tasty Pupcakes

Turns out many DIY treats can be made with ingredients we likely have around our house.  For a summertime shindig, keep the oven off and whip up some frozen berry treats. Try Bow Wow Chews Berry Pupsicle 

  You'll Need:

> 1 cup plain yogurt

> 20 frozen blueberries or raspberries

> Silicone dog mold, or ice cube trays


In your mold or ice cube tray, scatter your berries. Spoon yogurt in, tapping tray onto counter to ensure no air pockets.  Level off and freeze for no less than 5 hours or over night.

If you'd prefer something you can pop a candle into (and be careful! Dogs don't totally get fire), try this recipe for pupcakes — your dog will be begging for more. And hey, if you want a real cherry on top, a strip of bacon does the trick.

Not feeling especially DIY? No problem. You can link up with your local bakery to purchase a dog friendly cake. 


3. Choose the Perfect Present

Let's face it: Our dogs are spoiled every single day, but their birthdays are actually a legitimate reason for some serious doggy spoilage! Whether your pooch prefers tennis balls, Kongs or softer, homemade toys, there's no better reason than its birthday to hit up the toy aisle at your pet store.  Bow Wow Chews recommends Fun Feeder.  Make meal time fun while promoting healthy digestion.


4. Give Dog-Friendly Favors

What's a birthday party without a jam-packed favor bag? Include some small toys, such as a tennis ball or chew toy, a handful of dog bones or jerky sticks, a party hat or bandana and, of course, some on-the-go treats for the humans, too. One thing I always make sure to have in my puppy grab bags are earth friendly poop bags.  Everyone needs them, so its a very cheap and useful item to give.


5. Set Up a Photo Booth

Strike a pose! Make your own photo booth backdrop, grab some props (that your guests may or may not tolerate for a few seconds) and get 'gramming! Have your guests upload their photos to Instagram or Facebook with a custom hashtag (every happening event has one!), so you can see all of the fun in one place. 


6. Don't Forget About the Humans

Give your human guests some incentive to come to the epic pawty.  Party food and drinks can be simple and delicious. Whip up a few party favorites like hot dogs, spinach, and artichoke dip, and deviled eggs, serve beer & wine.  


7. Additions

Piñata filled with dog treats is such a cute way to celebrate.  Tie a dog bone to a ribbon and have your pup unleash a shower of treats for all the dogs to rush in and enjoy.  

Water bowls are very important to have strategically placed throughout the party, especially in the summer.   Suns out tongues out.  

Doggie pools are a great way to celebrate in style.  Not only can the dogs play, splash and cool off but, humans can get their feet wet as well.  All around, it's a win win.  Bow Wow Chews recommends this paw-shaped doggie pool for all your swimming needs.


Pawty On!

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