Beef Bone Marrow Recipe 2 ways

Beef Marrow Bone 2 Ways

Way 1 - Roasted marrow bone with marrow butter

WAY 2 - Whipped marrow & sweet potato stuffed marrow bone

When I think of dogs, bones pop into the imagery all the time. After all, they are among your dog’s favorite snacks. You can learn to make your own marrow bones for your dog with just a little know-how.

Marrow bones are a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin & calcium. They also contain minerals that support your dog’s immune system, namely zink and magnesium. Bones fulfill your pups desire to chew while exercising their jaws and helping with dental health. Everyone seems to have their own process of preparing marrow bones, so we’ll be offering a few different approaches.

Can dogs eat raw marrow bones? Yes, just make sure they are fresh from the butcher shop. 

Are you supposed to cook marrow bones for dogs?

This is a point of contention. Generally, professionals recommend raw marrow bones rather than cooked ones. The thought is cooking causes dehydration, meaning they’re more brittle. So as the dog chews the bone may splinter.

Other experts suggest preparing the marrow bone by soaking, boiling or baking, and rinsing. Raw marrow bones may carry any number of pathogens including Salmonella. So, the cooking process cleans the bone more thoroughly than you can do by hand.

Six Things to Remember about Raw Marrow Bones

  • Limit chewing time to 15 minutes
  • Refrigerate the bone between chewing
  • Throw out the bone after three days
  • Supervise your pet when it’s consuming a raw bone
  • Use a spot for chewing that you can easily clean up. This also keeps the bone cleaner. 
  • Generally, keep your canine away from other household pets when they have a bone. They can become territorial.

Do you need to soak marrow bones before serving?

As you probably gathered by now, there are two schools of thought here. One says marrow bones don’t need soaking so long as you wash off excess meat and fat before giving it to your dog.

The other school instructs soaking the bones for 1-2 days in saltwater. This removes blood, oil, and dead skin cells. Cover the bones with water, adding 2 Tbs. salt. Refrigerate. Change the water 4-6 times, adding salt each time. Once this process is complete, you can give the marrow bone to your pup immediately or freeze it for up to 2 months.

I did not soak my bones, I rinsed and cleaned of excess impurities.

Roasted Bone Marrow (skill level - easy)


  • 3 pounds marrow bones (or 2 large bones)


    1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.
    2. Place the bones on baking dish standing up (or laying down)
    3. If lying down, turn every 10 minutes for a half-hour.
    4. Cook time: 30 minutes
    5. The bones will be golden brown.
    6. At this point you let cool and give to your dog (see feeding instructions)


    Beef Marrow Whipped Compound Butter (skill level - medium)

    Once you have completed the roasted marrow steps above, let's extract the marrow from the bone.  

    Once bones have cooled enough to handle, extract the marrow.  Use a narrow spoon, butter knife etc.  Marrow should slide out easily. Next...

    1.  Place warm marrow into a blender (if solid, warm to 170F should be consistency of melted butter)
    2. Blend on low, while blending grab 4 ice cubes.  
    3. Turn blender to medium and add 1 ice cube.
    4. Keep adding ice cubes until the consistency is thick and smooth, like hummus.  I used 3 cubes.  
    5. Next, work quickly to add the whipped marrow to your desired container.  I placed mine in a square and let it set (it may start to harden, jsut use your hands to mold into desired shape).  I reserve mine in plastic wrap only. 
    6. You are done...You can now get creative and stir this lovely silky whipped marrow into kibble, pumpkin puree, lick mats, kongs with peanut butter..

    Chefs Whipped Marrow & Sweet Potato Stuffed Marrow

    1. 1/2 c smashed sweet potato 
    2. 2 T whipped marrow (see recipe)
    3. 1 t dried parsley 
    4. 1 T feta 
    5. 1 T apple (small dice)
    6. 1 hollow roasted marrow bone 

    Place all ingredients into a bowl, mix well. Make a piping bag and fill marrow bone with sweet potato mixture.  You can serve fresh or, freeze for 45 minutes to make a long chew.  



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    • I have read that you do not cook, bake, boil or roast marrow bones that you are going to feed your dogs. It causes the bone to splinter more easily. Dogs are to be fed raw bones only. Why do you post about cooking marrow bones for dogs? That seems to go against everything else I have read and may lead people to cook marrow bones before they feed them to their dogs which could be dangerous. Just my two cents worth. Thank you. 😁


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