We haven't had a proper introduction

Hi, I'm Chef Cristi.

As an Executive Chef I have cooked in some of the best restaurants, worked with some of the toughest chefs and have had the opportunity to create and taste the best food Denver has to offer.  I am fortunate to have found my passion and turn it into a career.  I’ve watched food turn sad people happy and a sick person healthy.  The power of food is endless.  My Mom lost 2 dogs a couple summers ago and I couldn’t help but wonder if their diet had something to do with it.  I did some research and realized our babies were eating the equivalent of hotdogs and McDonalds.   My chef instincts kicked in and I went to work in the kitchen and created Bow WOW chews.   All natural, all organic dog treats.   My favorite thing to do is explore Denver’s best restaurants and eat quality chef driven food.  Shouldn’t our dogs experience the same quality, locally sourced chef prepared treats?

My Goal: Is to create a seasonal rotating culinary menu for dogs.  Menu will change weekly and will be 100% consciously sourced and prepared.

I will always post new menus on all my social media pages on Wednesday's for rollout on Fridays.  Once again, NEW menu's will go live every Friday.

Gratitude: I wanted to express my deepest thanks to everyone who supports local businesses.  Even if it's just a visit to my page or even just leaving a comment, please know I understand you took time out of your busy day to support.  Support comes in many forms and I appreciate every single one of them.  


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