What is Collagen? Why Do You Use It?

Collagen is a major protein that is found in the body. There are different types of collagen, and it is responsible for the growth and development of the muscles, tendons, bones, skin etc. It is abundantly produced in the body when you are K9's are young. As dogs advance in age, the level of collagen in the body starts deteriorating, leading to the symptoms of aging.

As a Chef we strive to have little to no waste when it comes to cooking.  Especially in Mexican cuisine, the entire fish is consumed including the skin, guts and eyes.  Same with the cow, the entire animal is consumed.  This is done because the benefit is really in the nutritional value the organs have to offer.  In fine dining cuisine we have reserved the fish skin, particularly salmon and used different techniques to incorporate the fish skin into our dishes.  Now, as a Chef I have encouraged nose to tail consumption of fish not only to avoid waste. But, to maximize the benefit a whole fish has to offer.  I couldn't imagine wasting any food item if it can be incorporated into something else. 

When choosing a collagen supplement for your pet, look for a high-quality collagen that is hydrolyzed for easier digestion. It’s totally up to you if have a preference on what animal the collagen is sourced from, but options of collagen for dogs can include marine, chicken or bovine (beef) Collagen.

Marine VS Bovine Beef Collagen: The biggest difference is beef collagen is great for your overall health and includes Type I & III collagens.  Marine collagen includes Type I collagen and is also great for your overall health.  But, marine collagen is also a beauty powerhouse.  Marine collagen leads the pack in improving our bodies from the inside out.  AND, is 1.5 times more absorbable than bovine/beef collagen.  

Bow Wow Chews Sources 100% NATURAL MARINE COLLAGEN.  It's high potency collagen is crafted using the purest quality hydrate bioactive marine collagen and is loaded with nutrients that will give your dog the boost of support they need.  Bow Wow Chews sources only the best!

 KEEP YOUR DOG IN TOP SHAPE: Marine collagen powder can help minimize the damage to bones and joints caused by advanced age, and helps strengthen and restore health over time.

STRENGTHENS BONES, HIPS & JOINTS: Marine collagen powder helps in natural healing by speeding up recovery of fractures, sprains, and wounds; Collagen helps minimize damage to cartilage, bones and body tissue caused by the aging process

CRUELTY-FREE COLLAGEN:100% natural, pet-safe, and of the highest purity in the world; Prepared with wild-caught salmon fish skin, our products are cruelty-free and never contain artificial ingredients or preservatives

Bow Wow Chew Products that use Salmon Collagen Include: Infused EVOO & Chef's Dog friendly Veggie Tempura (Tempura Available 5/15/2020) 

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