Ube & Coconut Povolones

Ube & Coconut Povolones

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What is Ube? a purple yam originally from the philipines.  Different from the purple sweet potato, it has a differnet more sweeter taste than it's orange relative.  Ube has a slightly nutty, vanilla taste and is most popularly used in desserts in filipino cuisine.


A crumblier recipe for the little dogs and senior fur friends

Bite size - Healthy  - Deliciously Beautiful

Ingredients: flour, coconut oil, ube jam, honey powder

Garnish: carob drizzle & coconut 

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2oz $6.50 - 8 pc 

4oz - $13.00 -16 pc

All orders come in a chinese to-go box to ensure safe shipping.  

Plus, it's super cute!

Great tasty addition to any order