Citrus & Herb Crusted Salmon Skin

Citrus & Herb Crusted Salmon Skin

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Bow Wow Chews has Partnered with Tammen's Fish Market located in Denver Central Market, Rhino.

Fish Skin - Sustainable salmon skin from around the world.

 Size Indication: Salmon Skin is 6 inches or longer.  1 half salmon = 2 chews

Citrus & Herb Crusted Salmon Skin - Salmon Skin, Naval Oranges & House Dried Basil.

Key Benefits:

- Delicious gourmet - style treats for sophisticated tastes.

- Crunchy texture that keeps your dog engaged.

- Makes an excellent source of protein & omega-3 fatty acids.



Because this is a natural treat, it's sizing, color, and appearance may vary.  You may also notice a natural scent and oil while your pals chew; this is a natural oil that may stain your furniture, carpeting or other surfaces.