Korean Rice Paper Puffs

Korean Rice Paper Puffs

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This is a technique I leanred as a cook in some of Denver's best restaurants. 

Rice paper quicky puffs up into a delicous, CRONCHY treat.  We took it one step furthter and layered nori seaweed & sesame seeds to make this beautiful contrasting flavor & texture for your dogs. 

We do use coconut oil to fry, the frying process is .5 of a second. (see chefs rice puff cooking video on IG)

Pack Size - 1oz = 10 Chips


Ingredients: Rice Paper, Nori Seaweed, Sesame Seeds, Coocnut Oil

Frying Process - Takes .5 of a second   Healthy Fats 


Dog Treat    1oz - 28g


Bow Wow Chews - Global Cuisine Reimagined For Dogs

This product is shippaabe and makes a wonderful training treat.