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Whole Anchovy Dog & Cat

Whole Anchovy Dog & Cat

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Anchovies are very rich and therefore too many for your dog can be bad for their health and dangerous.

So like most things you feed to your dog moderation.

Small Dogs -  2 to 3 anchovies a day is more than enough. Possibly even a few less and balance it out with other foods that are good for dogs.

Larger Dogs - they can have up to 5 a day.

Make sure that the anchovies are just a snack and can be added to other foods a dog is having such as their dog food/kibble

Benefits Include:

* supports brain development in puppies * aids arthritis by reducing inflammation * cancer fighting properties * omega-3 fatty acid rich * boosts heart & kidney health * improves skin & coat * reduces anxiety 

1oz - 17 pieces

2oz - 34 pieces