Whole Dried Anchovy Dog & Cat

Whole Dried Anchovy Dog & Cat

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Anchovies are very rich and make wonderful training treats.  

Fun Fact: I grew up eating canned spanish anchovies

Small Dogs -  2 to 3 anchovies a day is more than enough. Possibly even a few less and balance it out with other foods that are good for dogs.

Larger Dogs - they can have up to 5 a day.

Fun ways to use anchovies: Add a couple to kibble, lick mats, training treats, crock pot meals, rehydrate with warm water & serve over kibble. 

Benefits Include:

* supports brain development in puppies * aids arthritis by reducing inflammation * cancer fighting properties * omega-3 fatty acid rich * boosts heart & kidney health * improves skin & coat * reduces anxiety 

1oz - 17 pieces

2oz - 34 pieces

This is depending on size